Features, disadvantages and prices of Huawei P20 lite phone

The company announced that Huawei for her new Huawei P20 lite in the new P20 series phones last March only, a series that included great phones developed specifications keep pace with new technologies in the world of technology, and maintain the company ‘s brand Chinese scintillating name as it is in recent years, and in the article Next we review together the […]

Review of Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Company Asus is a Taiwanese company engaged in the computer industry and devices its cooling as well as in the field of smart phones, featuring the company ‘s phones at an economical price fits a lot of people, in addition to a good specification for these phones, and the company issuing phone Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 recently and we will In this […]

Compare Huawei Y9 and Oppo F5

In this article, we will see two distinct versions of the Chinese companies Oppo and Huawei, which have emerged in recent years in the smart phone markets, with many strong features and competition in the market. And the phone is FPO is one of the company’s outstanding releases, and the […]

Latest leaks about the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus phone before the official announcement

A few days between us and the announcement of the phone Samsung new Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus has indicated a lot of interested sites smartphones that the phone will be announced during the current month, and most of the phone ‘s specs recently deployed in the form of leaks, and we will list these specs through this the article. the […]

Officially: OnePlus 6 is coming next May 16

Company OnePlus will hold a conference in London, officially to announce the latest phones, which will carry the name of OnePlus 6 after he achieved the previous phone OnePlus 5 very large sales, has spread a lot of leaks indicate specs and internal possibilities that will come by phone, and will review them with you during This article.  Also read: Prices of Oneplus […]